Crucial Youtube Marketing and Online Video Promotions

by Youtube Promotion on December 5, 2009

Need Youtube marketing services?

Email: to increase views on youtube through youtube video promotion for your online music video or small business marketing video presentation.

We provide youtube promotions for bands, businesses and brands to get exposure on youtbe with increased views, optimized videos and viral videos and teasers.

As well as creating extra video and offering production services to increase your presence on youtube we also optimize your channel, use special tricks to get your video coming in more searches and relevant links, asweel as sending 1000’s of visitors from social sites and forums / community sites where we have connections.


These deals ALL include a free budget video presentation / teaser

For 20k views it’s $200 upfront and another $100 on completion.

For 50k views it’s $300 upfront and another $200 on completion.

For 100k views it’s $500 upfront and another $300 on completion.



Youtube Marketing and Online Video:

YouTube is the largest video destination site on earth. Learn video marketing tips and techniques for marketing YouTube videos and YouTube channels. We do our best to keep up with the latest news, trends, strategies and tactics for YouTube marketing and we like share our insight with ReelSEO readers. Our goal is to share best practices for marketing via YouTube and to learn a little while doing it.

Why is online video marketing crucial in today’s marketplace?

There are more videos watched a month, than there are searches conducted on all of the search engines. Today, everyone has got it sort of figured out that in terms of SEM or SEO, they’ve got to do it. What they totally miss is while that’s huge, and essential… video is even bigger.

What do we mean by “video optimization?”

Video optimitization is one of the first steps to being successful at what I’m going to call, “video marketing.” The first step is this: you have to get discovered. Now that’s hard, because there’s more than 20 hours of new video uploaded every minute. Life would be easy if you had no competition, but there’s a ton of competition. So the first step is to do some keyword research – make sure that those relevant terms are in your title and summary and/or description, and in your tags. Because if you aren’t found, nothing else good can happen.

But that’s not enough. If you make your video a live-or-die situation with just the number of searches, you’re missing the lion’s share of the views that are out there. Those views come when the people who’ve seen your video, then decide to share it with their friends. So if you’re content is lame, why would anyone want to share it? If nobody would want to embed it in a blog, how are you going to get the extra views from it being embedded there? So you see, there’s more to video marketing than just optimizing video. There’s community outreach, there’s blog outreach, there’s good content that’s going to go viral – not boring content. So there are other elements, but video optimization is the first step.

What is the special opportunity that YouTube has with video optimization?

The good news is, particularly for people coming to SES will find out, that many of the steps around video SEO are going to be familiar [to search marketers]. The radical difference is that instead of using a keyword tool, for example, to find out whether the search terms are conducted on Google…  you want to use a different keyword tool to find out what are the search terms on YouTube. It’s so obvious when you look at it after the fact. But at first people will say, but isn’t a search term a search term a search term? And the answer is, no.

The best example I can give you is, if I were to go to Google, I might be looking for the term, “Steve Balmer video.” But if I’m going to YouTube, I’m just going to be looking for “Steve Balmer.” There’s no reason for me to add the word “video” there when I’m at YouTube; it’s just going to be assumed. When you get through that, then the rest of the steps [with video marketing] fall into place.

Email: to increase views on youtube through youtube video promotion for your online music video or small business marketing video presentation.


Youtube Marketing: Increase Views, Increase Fan Promotion

by Youtube Promotion on December 5, 2009


We Guarantee increased views from authentic human visitors viewing you online youtube videos!

20K: $300

50k: $500

100k: $800



What’s the single most important asset in your online business?

Your list.

You probably know that already. Your email list or subscriber list or customer list – your means of staying in contact with your prospects and customers – is the most important asset to your business.

The problem you face is how to rapidly build your email list.

I’ve talked plenty about list building on this blog and in courses and free reports I’ve published, however there is one area I failed to cover extensively because it’s not something I’ve experimented with.

What am I talking about?

Building your list using YouTube video marketing.

Luckily for me a very close friend worked the last seven months building a completely new online business using just YouTube to build his list.

His new business has nothing to do with Internet marketing – it’s about street magic.

I get the benefit of Gideon’s knowledge and experience all the time, so I know how good he is at YouTube marketing.

Next week you have a chance to learn

How Good Is YouTube For List Building?

When I started my blog it took me a year to build up to 1,000 RSS subscribers. At the start of the second year I started an email list. At the end of two years I had 3,000 email subscribers and 3,000 RSS subscribers.

Gideon started a new business in April 2009 and began marketing with YouTube videos only. He had a blog, but all the traffic that went to the blog came after watching the videos on YouTube.

After only seven months of using YouTube, Gideon had grown his list to 13,000 subscribers – an incredibly rapid growth rate.

It took me almost three years to match that and he did it in just over half a year.

And remember, this is not in the “make money” niche like me, this is in teaching people how to perform magic tricks.

I’m very impressed by the potential YouTube presents as a list building tool, and let’s face it – we need as many marketing techniques as we can get when it comes to building your lists.

It’s tough to generate a quality email database, especially when you start from scratch with no existing contacts. You need something extra today, you need to know what is current and powerful, and that is what YouTube marketing is all about.

start your new business from absolutely nothing. There was no profile, no online contacts, just him, his business partner Jay Jay, a blog and a YouTube account.

you need to understand the exact steps he went through to build his list using YouTube, so if you want in on all his best tactics and strategies, or If you can’t make the live call, Gideon will provide a recording and transcript you can listen to or read after.

Don’t Like Writing? Need New Marketing Ideas?

This is a great opportunity for you if you don’t like writing, and like the idea of using video content to grow your list. Or you might be looking for another marketing channel to expand your business and generate new leads.

Your next step is to go and watch the short video You have until Tuesday to qualify for the bonuses and make the live call.


Special Online Video Marketing and Promotions to Increase Youtube Views

by Youtube Promotion on December 2, 2009

Email: for youtube promotions, productions and marketing.

If you want to increase youtube views through youtube marketing and promotion then contact us today to discuss your options for this kind of online video promotion and marketing.

Did you know we can also produce online music videos for musicians and artists for under $500? We are the specialists and cheap online music video promotion and production – or cheapest video production package is only $97.

Also if you need to increase your views with real viewers on youtube we have several youtube promotions packages available whic are excellent for online music video promotion.

20,000 views for US$300

50,000 views for US$500

100,000 views for US$800

Now we need some stuff for SEO – lots of words that may not make sense but help google to rank your site – if you want to rank your site make sure you use lots of the words you want to rank for such as youtube promotion and all things to do with online video marketing and online cheap video production :

In Germany, delay the start of a separate website for copyright reasons. Obviously the negotiations with the German collecting societies such as GEMA could not be more timely completion. Youtube wants to pay a flat fee of Gema obviously.

When are professional content providers including BBC, France 24, German wave, Kinowelt, and the Swiss television and the football club AC Milan, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich on board. Chen, however, remains vague in assessing to what extent the localization of the content can now weakening of the advertising business Plattformankurbelns. Chen: “We believe that the local country sites, the content and thus can make the advertising more relevant for users.”

Google launches Youtube daughter s this week with its own national spending in France, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and Britain. “With this step Youtube for a more international audience wants to be more accessible and we look forward to a launch in other countries,” said Steve Chen, one of Youtube’s founders.

Youtube Promotion


How to go Viral On Youtube: Music Video Marketing Tips

by Youtube Promotion on December 2, 2009

How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel
Anyone can set up his own channel on YouTube. When you register an account on the site, you are automatically given your own page. The URL for your channel will be
When you go to set up your own channel, be sure to keep these ideas in mind:

Step 1. Think About Your Channel Name
Make your user name something that is easy to remember. It would be ideal to make your user name your band’s / artist name. If that name is unavailable, add something like “music” or official” into your user name. This lets YouTube users know that this is an official account, and it makes it easy for your fans to find you.
TIP: Your YouTube name should match your URL & your MySpace

Step 2. Specify “Musician” Account.
To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on “Account” in the right top corner
  • Select “Edit Channel” – this is located in the “Overview” tab
  • Go to the “Channel Type” section & select “Musician”

Step 3. Design Your Channel!
Go into the “Account” section and click on “Channel Design.” This will give you the option to select different colors, upload a background image, etc. It’s really easy to use, and within a few clicks you can spice up your Channel’s look.

Here are a few channel design tips:

  • Try to make your channel look somewhat similar to your website & your MySpace, Twitter etc. You always want to keep your artwork consistent on all of your sites so people can recognize that its you all over the net.
  • Make sure that you make the text and links on the page easy to read. I would recommend keeping the table colors white, text color black, and the links blue or another dark, readable color.
  • Don’t add too many sections (i.e. Group Links, User Uploads Box, etc.) if you currently don’t have any activity on your page. Having these blank sections on your page will make it look cluttered. If you decide to start using these options, you can always come back and add them later.

Step 4. Text Populate Your Channel
Did you know that you can add information to your YouTube Channel just like you do to your MySpace and Facebook pages?

Here are tips for text content to your channel:

  • Click on “Account” and then select “Performer Info.” This will give you the option to fill out basic information about yourself/your band.
  • Be sure to include website and MySpace links. You can’t use HTML in the performer info section, but you can create a hyperlink by using the full URL (this must include http:// before your website address).
  • You will be given three spots for album images and buy links in your profile – use them! Don’t have three albums out yet? That’s OK, Create an icon that links out to your merch page or website.
  • Add your tour dates to the page by selecting the “event dates” tab in your account backend. You have the option to include a buy link for each tour date – be sure to use it if you can to sell tickets to your shows if they are available online.

Step 5. Upload Your Videos
I know, it seems simple, but there’s more to uploading videos to YouTube than just clicking the yellow “upload video” button in the top left corner of the screen.

Title Properly
Make sure that the title of each of your videos includes your artist or band name, song title, and any other relevant information. The title of your video is the first thing that will be seen in the search results, so make sure it’s easy to identify.

Use the Description!
You have a lot of space here to describe your video in depth, so if you couldn’t put everything you wanted in the title, you will have the opportunity to add it here.
TIP: Remember, you can put URLs in the description as well, so be sure to add links to your: MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, CD Baby etc. You have to include the full website address for the link to be clickable

Select a Proper Video Category
This will more than likely be “Music.”

Tag Thoroughly
Use as many different tags as you possibly can. Be sure to include your artist/band name, song name, any related artists names (especially if you add a cover), similar artists (so that when people type in an artist they like they will come across your video), genres of music, hometown, names of all band members, producer, themes in the video and anything else that makes your video more searchable.

Broadcast Options and Sharing Options
Don’t change these options. `They are already set for maximum viral exposure.

Uploading the Actual Video File is The Easiest Part
YouTube pretty much accepts all video formats. You just need to make sure your video is under 1000MB and you are ready to go. However, I would recommend that you keep each video under 200MB if possible.

Step 6. Become a Frequent YouTube User
A lot of people don’t know this, but you can interact with other users on YouTube. It’s actually very similar to the way people interact on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. And it’s an effective way to get more people interested in your videos and channel.
TIP: This is something that will need to become a part of your daily online marketing routine.
TIP: Use Precaution

Please be careful, YouTube moderates user activity and spamming very closely. Everything will have to be done in moderation, and if you receive a notice to stop sending messages, adding friends, etc. – PLEASE STOP or else your account will be deleted.

Subscribe to Channels
This can help you go a long way: Start off by subscribing to channels of similar artists or artists that you like and sound like. The easiest way to do this is to type in the artist’s name in the search engine, and related channels will be the first ones that pop up.

After you have subscribed to your favorite artist’s channels, start subscribing to their to their fans’ channels by going to the artist’s channel and locating the “Subscribers” box. This will be a good place to start adding friends.

Watch Videos
This is how you get the word out about your own channel.
A Few Things to Do While Watching Videos:

Rate Videos
All you have to do is click on the stars under each video. It literally takes 1 second.

Add Videos as Favorites
Love the video? Just click on that little heart. Keep in mind that these videos will be added to your “Favorites” section on your channel.

Comment on Videos
And respond to other people’s comments.

Rate the Comments
You can click on the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” – this also takes one second for each rating.

Make a Video Response!
Feeling really compelled? Make a video response! Just click on the link right underneath “Statistics & Data” to post it. Sometimes making your own acoustic cover or just a speaking response to a popular video can bring traffic to your own channel.

Add Friends
You can add people as friends just like you can add friends on MySpace and Facebook. Add you need to is visit their channel and click on the “add as friend” link in their contact table located in the left column.

Comment on Channels Too
Not only can you comment on videos, but you can also comment on people’s channels as well. The comments section is generally located at the bottom of the right column on a user’s channel.


Youtube Video Production and Online Video Marketing 2009

by Youtube Promotion on August 30, 2009


Get your a video presentation produced and promoted online for under $1000!!!

kurb is making cheap and easy for small businesses to have a video presence online.

Video marketing presentations are a powerful way to market online, not only can they bring your businesses brands, products and services to life as part of your existing website, you can also use powerful online platforms such as youtube and other social media sites to attract more business through your video content.

The incredible thing about our video marketing and video production services is that we can now provide you with affordable video services to get your video presence online – and what’s more you can upload your footage for us to use in our productions

Kurb Promotions is connecting people with effective online marketing solutions that are affordable and great value.

Phone me Matt on: +64 (0)27 6848250



Basic ongoing video promotion and distribution, with social and search marketing support:

Independent: $497 3 months
Business: $797 3 months

Basic video production and promotion campaign, Vflyers or Vblogs, distribution and promotion, with social and search marketing support

Independent: $697
Business: $997

Full music video or video presentation with video promotion and distribution, with social and search marketing support:

Independent: $997
Business: $1297


Full Shooting / Editing + Post Production – Basic / $697 // Extended / $1197

We allocate 4-8 hours – for travel and shooting, whatever set up is required and filming, plus another four hours for editing – this includes adding titles including your web domain for promotion on youtube etc., and original royalty free music. However much we can get done in this window given the content and the subject matter of the video is what we provide.

Video Presentation /Animated video and Video Editing Jobs / $97 – $497

If you simply need an animated presentation putting together images you have with titles without having to add any footage we shoot

Basic Package: $97: Basic animation, editing, titles, sound, slideshows and basic effects, 5 minutes max

Production Package: $297 Standard animation, sourcing of footage and editing of your footage, titles, sound + voice over, effects 8 minutes max

Project Package: $497 – this involves more detailed animation, titles, detailed sourcing and editing of footage, detailed effects – I can also present your video if you need me to write and/or delvier a script presenting information on your business or products, 10 minutes max

$497 video of me presenting a script:

Basic Youtube Set Up and Promo / $200

From my personal experience, the videos I created for Kurb have helped me to make a tremendous connection with viewers who then became clients. This is why I knew that this was an essential service to offer to our clients to experience the benefits that having a video presence both on youtube and easily embedded into your own website or blog.

When it comes to engaging new customers and clients, nothing beats the impact of videos provided to instantly view. They can be used for marketing, branding and informative demonstrations or presentations.

The service we offer at Kurb was developed so that small businesses and organisations can get videos made simply and cheaply with the whole process taken care of.

We shoot footage, we edit, adding titles and music, we upload online so that you can add to your website or blog. It’s all one easy process, executed in a straightforward manner so that you begin to benefit from online video exposure for your brand, products and services/

As part of the package we can also include online video marketing which includes distribution and promotion of your video over multiple networks, and a dedicated campaign to increase views and engagement on youtube.

Should you need a blog or a website you should definitely contact us regarding a package for you online promotion needs.

Our packages can also include social media marketing – facebook promotion, myspace promotion to further the reach of your video online, as well as search engine and highly targeted pay per click online advertising.

The price and the concept:

Our proposition is simple: We make you a video and take it from production to promotion. It is our proposal to spend half a day preparing and shooting a script either provided by you or created by us, using the resources we have or you are able to make available to us in that time.

That means if you require me to present the video for you I am happy to do that.

Your needs are best discussed with us so we can estimate a fair price but here is an upfront breakdown of what the costs are likely to be.

EMAIL: to talk about your cheap video project today!


Youtube to Extend Partnering to all Viral Videos Online

by Youtube Promotion on August 27, 2009

Over a year and a half ago, YouTube launched a new Partner Program that allowed some of its most prolific and popular content owners to make some money from the content they contributed, inviting them to get a revenue share of ads placed against their videos. This was all well and good for YouTube’s cream of the crop, but let’s be honest — most of us don’t contribute all that regularly, and the vast majority of our videos don’t become popular, which means we couldn’t get into the program. What’s worse, even when one of your videos suddenly did go viral, if you weren’t already in the program there wasn’t anything you could do to reap the benefits. Today, that changes: YouTube is launching a new addition to its Partnership Program that will give anyone the chance to make some money when lightning strikes, even if it’s the first video they’ve ever uploaded.

Here’s how it works: YouTube will be monitoring its site for videos that quickly go viral, and will then reach out to the content uploader with an Email invitation to “Enable Revenue Sharing” on that video. If you choose to enable the feature, then YouTube will place ads against the video and will give you a cut, which gets paid into your Google AdSense account. YouTube’s criteria for joining the program are vague — the site plans to look at the number of views a video gets, its virality, and compliance with the site’s Terms of Service, but it has offered no concrete numbers.

YouTube says that participants in the new program won’t get all the benefits of the normal Partner Program (you won’t be able to choose other videos you’d like to monetize, for example), so it encourages users to apply for the program here.

Tom Pickett, Director of Online Sales and Operations at YouTube, said on a conference call today that the move is meant to help expand the reach of the site’s partner program. The company will address not just new viral videos, but also videos on the site that have never been monetized but are extremely popular (Pickett says that many viral videos have quite lengthly lifespans — once you’re popular, you can stay popular for years). Pickett says that the company expects to “increase the number of partners dramatically” up into the tens of thousands of partners (up from “thousands). The revenue share will be the same as what applies to the general Partnership Program, with the majority of the revenue going to the content contributor.

YouTube spokesman Aaron Zamost says that advertisers have actually been requesting a feature like this for a while, as there have been a number of user-uploaded videos that were not being monetized at all, and in turn couldn’t have ads placed against them. Now, provided the content unloader decides to join the program, these advertisers will be able to take advantage of these viral videos.

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Video Promotion: Making A Great Online Video

by Youtube Promotion on July 11, 2009

Online video promotion just US$500 – 20,000 views guaranteed


With the recent explosion and expansion of online video, the biggest question is how to best drive viewer action and monetize this new medium. Online video has a lot of promise. It offers what was once limited to expensive TV advertising: reach and emotional engagement with potential customers. And, it’s relatively cheap and provides immediate, measurable feedback.

Even with these strong benefits, most agree that the video opportunity has yet to be fully realized. Companies struggle to best make use of this new medium, and have found that porting television-style advertising to the Web is regularly rejected by the online audience. Thirty-second pre-roll, crazy user-generated ads, and the hunt for viral ads are all a hangover from the old TV world, still hunting for mass appeal without satisfying the demand for relevance of today’s online world.

It’s important to recognize that the Internet and television deliver two completely different video experiences. Television is “lean back” where people engage with the content in front of them when they want to. The Internet is “lean forward,” where people are actively controlling their experience. With users in control businesses must deliver information in a way that engages them when they finally say “OK, talk to me.” Here are six steps to creating online video that works:

1) Make it Authentic

Customers are jaded by typical sales-pitches. When everything is available at the click of a mouse, having a good product is no longer enough.

Creating authentic video that captures the human element allows customers to connect on a personal level. This connection builds trust and drives action.

2) Make it Relevant

With customers in control, irrelevant video is at best ignored and at worst creates a negative impression when viewers feel their time is wasted. Video that works shares compelling stories that resonate with the audience. No gimmicks, no ploys. Respect viewers’ time and provide them with actionable content.

3) Make it Engaging

Good information is no longer enough. With thousands of sites providing similar services, your online video has to stand out from the competition. Entertainment goes hand-in-hand with engagement. Video must deliver content in a format that interests and excites users.

4) Make it Google-Friendly

The advent of Universal Search has changed the search game. Engines now return more and more videos, blogs, news articles, books and more in their results. The new algorithms weigh video heavily, increasing your relevance in search results. Good meta-data, file naming, architecture, and distribution on sites like YouTube all help.

5) Make an Action Path

Our internal research has shown that adding video to a site can drive 36% more clicks, 20% more inbound calls, and more than double time on site. A recent Kelsey Group study found 55% of people who view a video visit the company’s Web site; 30% visit a physical store; and 24% make a purchase as a result of watching.

Viewers only do this if there’s a reason to do so. Provide a call to action, a trackable URL to visit, a coupon, discount code, or unique phone number to call. This way your video can be evaluated against other marketing efforts.

6) Make it Shareable

YouTube taught everyone that video is portable and starts conversations between friends. Videos that don’t meet this new expectation limit their own effectiveness. Sharing is an easy action that viewers can take to promote your business. By enabling conversations to spread you’re giving yourself an easy opportunity to gain viewership.

To promote sharing make sure your video can be embedded, emailed and posted to the different social media sites. (Most video players, like YouTube (YouTube), Viddler and automatically include those options – so take advantage of them!)

All in All: Make it Happen

Making online video that drives action requires us to understand how the Web makes the video viewing experience different from TV. It’s an environment with infinite choice and limited attention spans with all of the control in the hands of the user. Once this lean forward dynamic is understood and accounted for, making actionable video becomes much easier. It’s the falling back on our collective TV-watching experience as the model for Internet video that stymies action and hurts the success of the video.

All businesses, from the pizza place in Brooklyn to a top retail chain, can leverage this new video consumption to grow their revenue. By focusing on authenticity, and providing a clear, measurable action path, video can become a valuable component of any online marketing effort.


Youtube Promotion Services: The Opportunity of Video Marketing

by Youtube Promotion on July 10, 2009

Many companies have taken amateur actors who work for free and have devised a mystery or series of comedy videos to market their products or services. They have then released these videos on YouTube and have claimed a great deal of business. Additionally, many companies have contracted successful YouTube celebrities to create short videos for them or to talk about their products and services in their videos for a fee or for products.

We offer Youtube promotion services and internet marketing! Special offer: get a free short video presentation and a guaranteed 20,000 authentic views for $500!!!

Talk to me, Matt: to find out how we make it happen!

Today more and more small businesse, entertainers and other independent organisations throughout the world are turning to YouTube as part of their Internet marketing strategies. In fact, many companies have made a strong and lasting opinion on their customers by implementing such a program. This is due to the popularity and success of YouTube and other video sharing websites.
YouTube video marketing is the newest and greatest way to market anything you happen to sell. Using videos is the marketing way of the future, and it can bring in a lot of sales for you when done properly. Instead of doing things the old fashioned way, start making videos that your customer base will enjoy.

The YouTube website gets more than ten million visitors every single month. Why wouldn’t you want to get a piece of that pie? You can with YouTube video marketing. It’s really easy! Here are some tips so that you can make it pay off big.

– Take advantage of the reach you will have towards your visitors. Every time you post a video, know that you are posting it for the world to see. You have the potential to get millions of viewers to your video, so make it fun and informative.

– The more videos you have, the more likely you will be seen. Have you ever done a search and found someone who had thousands of videos uploaded? This is one of the things you can do for immense success within the YouTube community. YouTube video marketing is fun, so post fresh content as often as possible.

– Quality videos are important. Invest in a good camera so that you are able to make videos that have great detail and quality. Put some thought into, and plan out each video you make if you want to get the best possible results from your efforts.

– Traffic is the key to getting your video’s seen. YouTube Secret Weapon is a great product that can show you exactly how to get the most possible traffic to each of your videos using very special strategies that have been designed specifically for YouTube.

Using videos is by and far one of the most creative and effective means of operating an Internet marketing plan. These days people are tired of reading written advertisements and even advertisements in print are failing to produce results like they once did. These days its all about video marketing when it comes to properly marketing a website or company.

Another great thing about this form of marketing is the fact that YouTube is absolutely free and immediately puts you in touch with billions of viewers.  There is no other form of free advertising that connects you with this many people in one go. That is why it is so successful and continues to flourish each and every year. Finally, this method of marketing will significantly boost your business.

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Youtube Video Promotion: 7 Steps to Optimized Video Marketing

by Youtube Promotion on July 10, 2009

<!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>Alright presenting to you today the fantastic insights of Kurb marketing person Siraj who has finely crafted this post on Youtube video marketing for you here; Don’t forget you we’re still offering youtube promotions packages for $500 consisting of producing a modest video presentation and also guaranteeing 20,000 views.

What I am going to deal is that seven tips to optimize your you tube videos I have already told you about the importance of you tube promotion. Here are the seven tips as follows.

1 create outstanding content

To create an outstanding content you must have the following your content must be

Funny, Controversial, Exceptional, Useful, and also you must ask direct questions, run competition, and also Create riddles. This would boost the quality of the video.

2 Optimize your you tube channel

To optimize your you tube channel the first thing you have to do is click Sign in

and after that enter your User id and password after that go to edit and I have given you an example from free magic live click on to Edit channel and after that click Free magic live there you will see the Title description click on to it and then go to Change channel type and after clicking that scroll to New channel type in that click the option guru and after that go to Update channel and then click on to website copy info after that go back to account then click on to Profile setup after that click on to the website link and scroll down to Save changes this is how you optimize your you tube channel.

3 Use keywords cleverly and in the right places

In order to use the key words in the right places all you have to do is go to Free magic videos and then Edit the website address and again click the title there the website address will be written like and you will find an another option as Tags where the same address will be mentioned all you have to do is edit the address an Save changes that’s it.

4 Add Url in the right places.

This is very simple all you have to do is follow these instruction first you have to edit description and after that you have to block the website address like for e.g. http and after that click on to annotation which you will find on the top of the page which are resembled in blocks that’s it.

5 Link to your videos from where ever you can

In this you can see the list of things appearing in the video the first one is that

your blogs other blogs and authority sites and the next are the Forums and after that Book mark your videos by social book marking which will be very helpful and use ful.

6 Provide plenty of social proof for your videos

The main important information you have to give is the no of views on your videos

and after that how is the rating for  your videos and also the most important information is that you can also have Interaction with other people in you tube and also tell every one like your friends and family about these videos and along with that use  social websites

and along with that use email list to show how social is your video.
7 Ping your you tube channel

In this you can get the example of pingot the much used the most recommended site available in Pingot all you have to do is to there will be an option given as blog name and underneath you have to enter your url and underneath this url there is some thing called as xmi feed where you will be asked to enter your website and after adding all the necessary details click go to pigoat.

So these are the details, which you can see in the video, and also you can get all the necessary details possible in the videos I hope I have given the necessary details and it would be more helpful if you follow the above information’s.


Youtube Promotion, Cheap Online Video Production and Marketing

by Youtube Promotion on June 28, 2009




Cheap video production

It is not important if its is cheap video or costly has the message conveyed to the reader then that is success so I here I am going to give you concrete details and reasons about this article. I will be telling you in details about how to shoot a video production

First, you need to select and buy the necessary desktop video equipment. Given the plethora of digital video equipment out there, this can often be the hardest step.
Second, you obviously need to shoot your video.

While you do not need to have the directorial skills of Steven Spielberg, there are some basic video shooting skills that one needs to master. I’ve seen many good videos marred by bad lighting or shaky hand movements. I’ve written a little guide on which you can read about. OK, on to the third step. Once you’ve shot your video, here’s where you need to capture the video into a computer.

Then edit the video file to add special effects, titles and screen transitions. Perhaps add in a soundtrack as well. There are many excellent video editing software packages, ranging from the higher-end Adobe Premiere and to the more budget and products. Here’s a on selecting which video editing package to use
then after you have taken the video you can post it in you tube which has emerged a n important tool of promotion so when your video is posted you can get the feed back that very moment it self

You tube promotion

You tube has become a major promotional website from any thing and every thing all you need to do is just a click and you will get all the necessary information need I will giving you some details about this procedure.

There are a number of specialized techniques and other requirements involved that you will have to become familiar with in order for your business or interest to thrive with this excellent publicity-getting tool. In the first place, you have to learn how to ‘translate’ your digital videos to the most popular web display format (most people have no idea about this), how file size and resolution will determine your display settings, how to embed and how to know where to embed your web video on your web page to attract the most attention.

So, if you find yourself interested about you tube promotion, doesn’t it appeal to you to get the facts on the way to make a video at an amazingly low budget that can lead an impressive amount (millions, anyone?) of visitors to your site? Imagine getting all that traffic for free, and don’t worry, there’s more to this than you tube there are other successful ways to get all those free hits..

So these are the details pertaining to you tube promotional marketing and I will be giving you more details if needed.

Online video marketing

This online marketing has emerged as one huge market which will soon take the people and the business people in its hand and its going to get bigger and bigger so what is its online marketing I will be explaining to you in detail.

Online video is big and getting bigger. Online video is on the verge of exploding into a multi-billion-dollar market. It’s growing in leaps and bounds and knowing the uses and benefits of it can and will it change the way people do business around the world

Online video is like any other form of advertising in that in order for it to perform; you have to commit to it. Most companies would simply create a video, put it online and expect it to work. While You Tube only scratched the service of online video’s potential with free public storage for amateur video publishers, the real action and potential is in the commercial industry. No doubt. And the real challenge regarding online video is creating video content that is both effective and high quality.

From an online marketing perspective it should be noted that consumers of online video are 47% more likely to click on advertisements, which naturally leads to increased purchasing. So it’s really no surprise … online video marketing is a niche that’s on the verge of exploding into a multi-billion-dollar industry. So these are about online marketing.