Internet Users Turn To Online Video and Youtube

by Youtube Promotion on July 8, 2010

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More Internet users are tuning in to online video regularly, with half of all viewers watching video online each week, according to a survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates for Metacafe. That’s up from 43 percent of users who watched online video weekly in the previous year.

Most of that growth comes from younger users, as 85 percent of males aged 18-24 and two-thirds of all respondents aged 18-34 said they watched online video weekly. As the behavior becomes even more mainstream, Magid estimates that the amount of time viewers spend watching video online will increase by about 5 percent over the next year.

There’s evidence that users are becoming more interested in viewing online video in the same way that they watch TV. About 38 percent of online video viewers say they are interested or very interested in connecting a computer to their TV to watch online video. And while short-form video still rules, whether it be user-generated clips, movie trailers or clips of TV or movie content, about 76 percent of those who watch video online say they are tuning in to professionally produced content regularly.

But online video viewers, for the most part, say their over-the-top video habit is not interfering with their normal TV watching. Only 14 percent of users said they watched less TV due to watching content online. About 72 percent said they watched the same amount of TV despite also watching video online — and another 10 percent said they watched more TV.

One of the big questions about online video is the consumer tolerance of online video ads, particularly as more ad dollars are entering the segment and video publishers seek to monetize their video assets. According to the survey, 48 percent of respondents said they found ads online to be as acceptable as those in TV shows — and 7 percent said online video ads were more acceptable.


Online Video Marketing and Youtube Promotion Tips

by Youtube Promotion on July 8, 2010

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There’s no doubt that online video marketing is on the rise.  Numerous studies and statistics prove that video works.  In fact, Forrester Research found that videos were 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than traditional text pages.  That’s a pretty impressive stat!

Online video marketing is attractive to many businesses today for numerous reasons.  Making videos and posting them online is fairly inexpensive.  Plus, online videos stay online forever.  If you spend the money to record once, your video could still be getting views a year from now.

In addition, social media sites and video go hand in hand and most sites encourage video posting and sharing. The viral video opportunities are endless when you use the right strategies to create and post your videos online.

If you’re new to video, or have been thinking about flipping on your camera for the first time, here are some tips and strategies to get you going.

Six Quick Tips to Optimize Your Videos

Once you record your video, follow these tips to make sure it reaches your core audience and gets the views it deserves.

#1: Make your title count

Just like a headline to a blog post, video titles can pull powerful traffic.  There are two main reasons why the title is so important.  One, a great title can instantly grab a viewer’s attention.  Two, when you use the appropriate keywords in your title, you are more likely to show up on search engines when people are searching for your topic.  And remember Google owns YouTube, so there’s a story connection between video and searching.

#2: Provide excellent content

Take some time to think about your ideal viewer.  What do you know that they’ll find valuable?  What can you teach them?  “How-to” videos are extremely successful because not only do they offer great value to your viewer, but also you’re able to showcase your knowledge and skill, thus positioning yourself as an expert.  This is key as you continue to grow your brand.

Also, no matter how good your content is, it won’t matter if your video is too long and you lose your viewer’s attention.  Try to keep them short.

In late 2009, ComScore reported that the average video was 3.8 minutes in length.

#3: Include your URL in your video

When you edit your video, take advantage of the different editing features.  One easy feature is to add a text box to your video.  This is where you can display your website address and it’s a great way to get exposure.

Here’s a screen shot of Mari Smith’s YouTube channel.  Notice how she used a text box in her video to display key information, including her website URL at the end of her video.  Smart move!

#4: Take advantage of video’s branding opportunities

For branding purposes, have your company logo displayed prominently somewhere on the screen.  You can do this at all times, or during key times in your video.

In the image below, notice how the company logo is displayed in the upper-left corner.  You can display your logo throughout your video or only at key times.

#5: Always provide an HTML link

When you post on YouTube, you have the option to write a short description of your video.  Always start with the link you want to drive your viewers to so you don’t miss this key opportunity.

Here’s a snapshot of the description boxes from one of my YouTube videos.  Notice the placement of my website URL (it’s the first thing you want to put in the box!) and the keywords I used in my title as well as the description.

#6: Go beyond YouTube

Most people post their videos on YouTube.  In addition to this, make sure to always embed your video on your own website.  This will increase the amount of time people spend on your website and help grow a captive audience.

Also, Google’s algorithms consider how many times a video is viewed, and embedded video views you receive get added to the ‘views’ tally on YouTube.  This is important for showing up in Google search results!

How to Supercharge Your Videos

To make sure your video stands out above all the clutter on the web, here are a few strategies that will give your videos an extra boost.

  1. Create a Campaign: To get noticed, think beyond stand-alone videos.  For greater reach and exposure, create a series of content-rich videos that you publish regularly.  Not only will this create a great synergy around your content, but it will also allow you to build upon your brand identity as each video is released.
  2. Always Include a Call to Action: Never miss the opportunity to ask your viewers to take some type of action at the end of your video.  You can ask them to sign up for your newsletter, go to a specific website, leave a comment about your video or visit your blog.  If your video is good, you’ll likely have their full attention; make sure to take advantage of it!
  3. Don’t Make a Sales Pitch: There is a lot of sales clutter on the web and you want to make sure you come out above this.  There is nothing wrong with selling your products or services, but use your video to define a problem, discuss solutions and support others—when you combine the three, your video will attract the right following.

Basic Keyword Strategies

There’s no shortage of information online for keyword strategies.  Here are some of the basics you will want to pay attention to as you create your videos:

  • To optimize your YouTube videos, make sure to use keywords in your videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Use your website’s text pages as a kind of “map” for Google. To help the search engines figure out what your videos are about, embed videos into text pages on your site that are relevant to your video.
  • Target specific search phrases, not just search words.  For example, instead of using “cupcakes” as a keyword for an organic bakery, use “cupcakes with organic frosting” for a better chance of showing up on the front of search results.

Ten Ideas to Spark Your Video Creativity

#1: Educate

Tell people about your product or services.  Give the details on features and benefits.  Tell them everything they’ll receive once they make the purchase.

#2: Answer questions

What do you get asked most about your product or services?  Most of us can think of a list of at least 5 to 10 questions we get asked often.  Make short 2- to 3-minute videos clips where you state the question and then the answer.  These are easy to make and extremely valuable to your prospects.

#3: Do a product review

Find a product or service that would be of interest to your niche and your audience and do a review on its benefits and features.

#4: Grow your list

If you have a business, you need a list of potential clients.  Make a video to encourage your prospects to give you their name and email in exchange for something you will give them.  You can give away an ebook, an article (tips, strategies and how-tos are always popular), a tutorial video, a free consultation, a type of assessment, etc.  Figure out what your prospects would find most valuable and create a giveaway around that. (Here’s a hint:  give away your best stuff.  Don’t hold back.)

#5: Talk about your case studies and results

Make a video about the results you were able to achieve while working with a client or talk about a case study and show what you did for them and how you can do the same for the viewer.  You can also show a case study of someone who did not follow your guidance or use the method you teach and failed. Another similar idea is to read testimonials from your most satisfied customers while weaving in key examples.

#6: Tell a story

People can relate to you when you tell a compelling story.  Weave a lesson into your story as a takeaway.  You can also tell about an event from your past that has shaped who you are or how you do business today.

#7: Debunk myths

Talk about the top three myths in your industry and give real examples to show why they are truly myths.

#8: Take your viewers behind the scenes

Take your viewers outside of your office and show yourself in your “natural surroundings.”  If appropriate, introduce your family and show things that are meaningful to you.  Tie in some of your business secrets—how you organize your business, what type of setup you use to get things done, etc.  Pull back the curtains and give tips on how you do business.

#9: Ask questions and answer them

Ask your viewers some key questions that will spark conversation about their wants and needs as they relate to your niche.  Personally answer the question yourself and then ask your viewers to leave their answers below in the comments section.  This will start discussion.

#10: Additional video opportunities

There is so much you can do with video.  Besides filming yourself, you can also do screen captures (ScreenFlow for Macs and Camtasia for PCs are great options), slideshows, and use Keynote or PowerPoint slides to tell your story.

Here’s a short video to show you how ScreenFlow works:

One more piece of advice:  Don’t try to be perfect! I can guarantee that you will not like your first take of any video you record.  And it is of course fine to redo it a few times.  But don’t let multiple video takes slow you down.  Make a promise to yourself that you will do your best, and then move on.  With each video you publish, your confidence will increase and you will get better with time.

Here’s my challenge to you. If you are new at video, make the commitment that you will record a video in the next 24 hours.  Just dive in and try it!  The longer you wait, the faster your competition will claim their video space and run with it.

Give it a try and report back to let us know about your successes.

What’s been your experience with video? Share your video making tips and experiences in the comment box below.


Music Video Marketing – The Art of Viral Marketing

by Youtube Promotion on June 9, 2010


20,000 HITS: $197

50,000 HITS: $397

100,000 HITS: $597




Since the launch of MTV in 1981, the music video has played a central role in music marketing. So much in fact, that even back then there was large cache of artists, ranging from Adam and the Ants, Duran Duran  and Madonna, who owed a great portion of their commercial success to the rapid-fire editing and sexual nature of their videos.  However, over the years, the music video has evolved.

In 1985, Dire Straits released the video for “Money for Nothing.”  Though the song went on to become an international hit; it’s quite likely that their pioneering use of computer animation in the video had more to do with its success than the actual song playing in the background.  The same argument could be made about the music video for “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel.  What’s interesting to me is that the novelty of these videos is reminiscent of the lengths that artists will go to today in order to ensure that the videos they upload to YouTube will go viral.

From Art Form To Viral Engine

From 1992-2004, the music video became increasingly embraced by the up-and-coming directors of the time – Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, and Hype Williams – and it further evolved into more of an art form than a marketing medium. But, with the decline in revenues at major labels in recent years and the fall of the MTV giant, no one has had access to the funding necessary to produce art-driven music videos. With the onset of the digital age though, we’ve seen the music video increasingly evolve back to its roots as a pure marketing medium.
After all, doing whatever it takes to get your video viewed as many times as possible can only be a good thing – right? With the posting of the “Behind the Machine” TED talk yesterday; where Adam Sadowsky sheds light into how he helped OK Go engineer another viral music video; it got me thinking. At what point do you take something which has always been a marketing medium and turn it into nothing but marketing?  To me, that’s exactly the problem that OK GO’s music video for “This Too Shall Pass” represents; it feels a bit too much like the time-suck equivalent of Charlie Bit My Finger or The Laughing Baby.

As the tagline for the video on College Humor reads, “If OK Go broke up; I’d be more disappointed that they were no longer making music videos than I’d be that they were done making music.”  This is not to decry to loss of the music video as an art-form either, because that’s not the point; especially since it was only an “art” for a very short period of time.  The problem that I foresee though is the underlying aspect of too much marketing and not nearly enough music.

Yes, I imagine that the OK GO video was extremely successful and got them lots of press.  In terms of any video getting 13,766,406 views—like they have—it’s still a rather impressive feat.  The music video served its core purpose of going viral, reaching a wide audience, and re-energizing enthusiasm for the band; it likely even boosted sales of the song.  But, I think we’re getting close to the point where the marketing of the music video overrides the song in it to the point where the only thing that it motivates is more views, leaving fans with little interest in actually acquiring the song playing.  Since, after all, the song itself is boring once you take away the flashy effects, machine contraptions, and the marketing hype.


Life Cycle of a Youtube Video

by Youtube Promotion on June 1, 2010

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Got this tid bit via hypebot on youtube video marketing:

The average YouTube video gets gets 50% of its views in the first 6 days, according to TubeMogul  via Silicon Valley Insider. After 20 days, a YouTube video has had 75% of its total views and the average video lifespan is probably getting shorter. In 2008, it took 14 days for a video to reach 50% of its views and 44 days to hit 75%. Lesson to marketers: post early and often.

image from

The nature of the entertainment business online is really evolving and we’ve got to move to keep up.

Throwing all your promotion behind one video you hope will breakthrough may be ill advised, it’s abot reoccuring attention. I know form so much youtube promotion it’s hard to convert eyeballs and large view numbers into something equally beneficial from a long term brand and business perspective.

Flash in the pan youtube promotion doesn’t create effective marketing if not executed with a long term strategy.

You’ve got to take a long term, content based approach to gain some kind of critical mass


Youtube Video Promotions for Small Business Marketing

by Youtube Promotion on May 28, 2010

Video can be a very powerful tool for businesses of any size, but YouTube’s free-to-use business model, ease of use, and mass market audience means it’s a great channel for small businesses. However, like any tool, in order to get the most of it, it needs to be used well.

We’ve pulled together ten top tips to help you get the most out of YouTube. Rather than video production hints or content tips (there are tons of other resources that can help you on that front) here are the dos and don’ts of using YouTube from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

1. Do Create and Customize Your Channel

First things first, customizing your channel is well worth the time it will take to set it up. You should add your company’s branding, customize the colors to compliment your company’s look, and add relevant information and links. A channel setup also offers YouTube users the option to subscribe to your content via the click of one button and the option to search just your uploaded content. The channel structure also allows you to highlight just uploads, playlists, favorites or all.

2. Do Add Subtitles
youtube captioning

(this is an image, not a video)

Since March 2010 auto-captioning has been available to all YouTube users, so there’s no technical excuse not to. Doing so adds captions for the hundreds of millions of hearing impaired folk across the world, ensuring your content is accessible to anyone who’d like to watch it. It’s an easy enough process (find a Mashable how to walkthough here)that uses voice recognition, the results of which can be (and frankly need to be) edited for accuracy.

3. Don’t Overuse Annotations

A recent “improvement” from YouTube is the ability to add comments that display over the top of the footage. Don’t be tempted to go down this route, the annotations look unprofessional, are a distraction to viewers and depending how overused they are, can be a downright annoyance. Sure, you want to grab people’s attention and make an immediate impression, but your video content and other info you’ve added to the site should be enough to not have to rely on extraneous text.

4. Do Act To Remove Offensive Comments

While you can’t stop trolls from adding nasty comments to your videos or channel, you have the power to delete offensive or spammy remarks from the worst offenders. Taking advantage of this option requires good judgment, it’s obviously not a great idea to instantly remove any negative or critical comment, especially relevant ones, but you can certainly remove any spam or comments that use offensive language. If challenged over the removal make a simple statement to the effect that such comments will not be tolerated. If you’re getting seriously spammed or abused by a particular person, you can also block that user, but this should be a last resort. There are also options open to you to moderate comments before they go live, so you can nip any nasties in the bud before they are posted.

5. Do Engage With the YouTube Community
youtube friends

Don’t be a YouTube island. After all, it’s a social platform, so be sure to check out other content on the site, favorite appropriate videos and make suitable YouTube “friends”. If you really can’t, or don’t want to associate your company with other companies or individuals, then think wider. Why not look at content or channels that cover your local area, or that are for a good cause that you/your company supports. As well as engaging with other users, be sure to keep up to date with YouTube’s own news. The site goes through some fairly major changes from time to time and adds new features on a regular basis, so it’s well worth following theofficial YouTube blog, at the very least, to be kept up to date with site and community news.

6. Do Organize Your Content

Be sure to organize your content to be viewer-friendly rather than just offer a linear stream of video uploads. Create playlists to group relevant videos together, or lump older content into time-related (March 2010, Spring 2010, etc) folders if that’s more relevant to your organization. Remember that YouTube offers users the option to embed entire playlists (in addition to individual videos) into external sites, so give the creation of them, their titles and description, some decent thought.

7. Don’t Overlook Tags

As with many other sites, YouTube’s content is organized on a tag word basis. It’s more than worth taking the time to add the correct tags to your videos. The beauty of a tag word system is that it works on the basis of logic, but also on the more-the-merrier principle as you can’t know what search terms people will use. Really try and brainstorm around the tags you’re adding. For example, if your company offers dog products add “puppy,” “pooch,” “mutt,” “hound,” etc, too. As far as categories go, YouTube offers around 15 to choose from. Obviously try to use the most relevant, but don’t be afraid to experiment if your content could fall into one or the other, but be sure to monitor how the different videos perform so you can make an educated decision about categories in the future.

8. Do Promote Your YouTube Videos Elsewhere

Don’t assume viewers will come to you, or automatically think to look you up on YouTube. Every time you post a video that’s relevant for general sharing, blog about it, tweet it or add it to your Facebook Page. The last two actions are easy through YouTube’s account settings that automatically publishes news of a new video if you’ve linked up the social services. While YouTube is due to retire its “Link to Blog” option from the account settings soon, it’s easy enough to embed the relevant video in a blog post using HTML and will help push users towards your video content. In addition, don’t shy away from allowing embedding of your videos on other sites — the more views the better.

9. Do Use YouTube’s Free Analytics Tools
youtube analytics

YouTube offers every user free analytics data via the “Insight” button on every uploaded video. This free-to-view info should not be overlooked as it can offer you some valuable info on not only views stats, but demographics, community, and the most useful — “discovery” data — info on how users came across the video, including the popular links they followed to get there. The tools are there – be sure to use them.

10. Don’t Neglect Your Channel
There are so many neglected YouTube channels, even from social, or Web 2.0 firms that you’d think would realize the value in an up-to-date video resource for their company. While we’re by no means advocating needlessly creating video content, if you’re looking to go down the YouTube route then don’t let your resolve or enthusiasm for the service dwindle a couple of months in. Even if you have no new content to post, still keep logging in to stay on top of comments, friend requests, add favorites, etc, so as not to relegate your channel to the ranks of the unloved.

youtube video promotion


Strategies and Costs For Youtube Video Promotions Services

by Youtube Promotion on March 30, 2010

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1. What is link building and what processes do you have to do to increase SEO.

Other than basic onsite optimization (we’ll want a lengthy and keyword laden block of text on your actual youtube site) Linkbuilding is really the building blocks of SEO. The more keyword relevant links you have pointing toward a specific page on the internet and the quality of the sites that Google considers to have authority the higher it is ranked by google.

Of course because youtube is owned by Google it is subject to a very similar algorythym when doing their internal ranking for search and “relevent videos”.

For your case I’d use another combination of linkbuilding techniques over the 12 hours we apply:

– a blog “blast” that posts 300+ blog posts linking back / embedding the post – this is a good way to get rank fast, but google usually catches on quickly and brings the rank down again after this initial shot in the arm.

– article marketing, this is my main regular technique, creating high quality articles and posting them to article directories, approximately 3-4 articles with 200 cumulative postings on article directories which are highly authoritative. When you put some effort into the content, this can be effective not just for seo but also click through traffic.

– strategic blog commenting – because of certain google algorythyms, “no follow” links from authoritive sites are most effective, I have a technique of quickly identitifying blogs that offer both “no follow” and would be considered authoritive (anything with high keyword relevance – “electro” “house” “dj” “dance”

2. How do the low quality traffic buys work? And can anyone tell that the traffic comes from Asia.

Basically we purchase a traffic package from asia ensuring the link is set to keep displaying on the sites until it collects the a set number of click throughs, only you can tell where the traffic comes from through your youtube insights.

The one issue is that you get hits building fast by not the relevant amount of comments, favourites etc. which can appear incongruous, but I can have my staff take care of this for a small fee, say $25-50.

As I mentioned the only issue is whether we can get that amount of click throughs with 2 weeks – it could take up to 4 to complete this.

3. What kind of thing do you do to get high quality traffic.

This is a combination of adwords and other ad platforms working on getting highly optimized (ie cheapest cost) clickthroughs which should be successful given the content. Also at the same time it’s about synchronizing this activity so that hits can be added quickly in such a way that you can target the “most viewed” charts. This is not guaranteed to reach most viewed charts, but if it does, and your video does have a good chance, then you’ll really see a viral uptake.

What I usually do for a job such as this I would ask for $500 upfront and $250 once each of our targets had been attained. Other than written materials we can work with for article marketing (artist bio stuff, any press release material you may have), that’s the only thing we need, though I may confer with you about how we can get the best out of the written material we’re working with.


Youtube Promotions: Video Promotion Packages and Services 2010

by Youtube Promotion on March 13, 2010

Hi Matt from Kurb here talking about our most recent plans for youtube video promotion and youtube video productions which we can also include at super cheap prices!

Just email, me Matt: for guaranteed views and strategies to get you into the most viewed category on youtube!

Well we use 3 different strategies right now and if you want the best result I would use all 3.

Let me just breakdown what those are:

Content marketing: Using optimization of your youtube channel as well as backlinking, press releases, social media platforms, to feed out content and links that will draw users in. This brings in high quality traffic and will continue to over time but there’s no guarantee on how much traffic will come through, except that it is most likely to be your highest quality traffic who will share, promote and comment on your video.

We charge $200 for this.

High Traffic: Using high quantities of optimized advertising we send high numbers of unqualified traffic to the video – this way we can guarantee hits of 200k and beyond. This works also because when your video has high hit count more to tend to want to watch it to see what they’re missing – this works time and time again, but it’s not as effective for high quality traffic, you’re not likely to get many sales or highly engaged fans from this.

prices are as follows:

20k hits: $200

50k hits: $350

100k hits: $500

Finally there’s the concentrated technique, this is when we prepare to have our whole staff co-ordinate promotions to all happen at the same time, we can guarantee 5k hits but it’s the fact that these hits are all timed to happen within a short space so that the video moves up the “most viewed” list where it can easily pick up more viral traction. Although it costs $30 for each 1,000 hits within a few hours, the more hits you get in that shorter time the better chance you have of hitting higher up the “most viewed”

So I would definitely suggest at least 5k hits within hours to make sure you hit most viewed which would cost $150.

So a strong all over campaign would be:

content / social media marketing: $200

guaranteed 100k hits: $500

co-ordinated hits for “most viewed”, at least 5k: $150

Each strategy has it’s strengths and weaknesses which I’m happy to answer more questions on but with an overall strategy employing all 3 you give yourself the best all over chance to have your video do well initially and then breakthrough to larger viral traction

You can run a more “general” campaign but you’ve got a whole new set of rules.

With youtube it’s easy to guarantee the views because our staff have their techniques for generating large amounts of low quality traffic specifically on youtube.

Would it be possible to try and encourage visitors already on youtube to go to the site? It could be a stretch.

Otherwise, you might look at what other online marketing tools we can make available.

I work with a lot of bands and I always say to them, youtube hits don’t mean a lot, they don’t sell albums, to get more motivated traffic we use other strategies – ad campaigns, press releases, backlink building, blogs, social media.

But if you want to use the same online marketing strategies I use off youtube, I can make a number of suggestions, the pricing is similar to our youtube packages but of course dealing with this kind of traffic 5-10k hits is more realistic, but anything is possible.

It’s like any marketing campaign, give people a strong enough idea to hook them in and we should be able to get at least 10k completely bona fide hits.


Viral Music Video Youtube Promotions With OK go!

by Youtube Promotion on March 13, 2010

Need a video marketing campaign on youtube?

We are specialists in youtube video promotions campaigns, with a wide array of techniques at our disposal for helping your video increase views on youtube and become one of the most viewed videos and blooming into online viral video success!

We have lots of different packages to guarantee huge amounts of views on youtube, co-ordinated strategies we use to get your video most viewed.

If you want the super dooper youtube video promotion I would suggest viral promotion for $200, guaranteed 100k hits for $500 or 50k hits for $350 and a co-ordinated promotion to get your video into the “most viewed” at a cost of $150.

For all 3 – a powerfully combined youtube promotions package – only $800!!


Okay so an article today reflecting on the success of ok go’s continued viral video marketing angle with consideration of 2 main points.

The ok go videos aren’t genius but they’ve put a lot of work into coming up with something that’s worth talking about – “remarkable” as Seth Godin says.

Most artists I see are not coming up with something remarkable and their really willing to work hard to make

a difference.

So . . . it appears that the band OK Go! Are on the verge of scoring another “viral” hit with their new video “This too shall pass.” which is the corresponding follow up to their first hugely successful choreographed treadmill video.

Of course I ended up checking it out in the end because obviously I do a lot of work in online video and music marketing so I thought this would be worth seeing for research purposes.

A lot of artists and clients approach me about video marketing in fact it seems to be a bit of a growth area right now and it makes a lot of sense strategically because in the online video area working on building up your youtube marketing is wothwhile because youtube still dominates that sector.

But I’m looking at what we can pick up from the video marketing campaign behind the latest ok go video because their dependence on this video being a viral hit is at the centre of their whole music marketing campaign.

This time, and this is one of the main reasons I ended up watching it, is they have the media resources of their label behind them which is pushing out the story of this new video all over the net, the link and the articles keep coming up, so eventually I succumb to see what all the fuss is about.

So they decided to keep with the theme of an epic low fi-ness – not particularly high production values but a device for extremely

This is what I started to think watching the video – there are a couple of principals at play here which are worth considering when you’re reflecting on your own viral video efforts

  • ok go! Are not going for a hi fi approach, instead they are putting painstaking amounts of work into the execution of their videos in order to ensure success. Are you putting this kind of detailed work and showing this kind of vision? Ok go know they have to deliver to a high standard to be effective and yet some of the videos I’m paid to promote really deliver nothing, they are a total outside contender with no obvious hook. What do you expect to happen to a video that really isn’t that impressive? Do you expect to give me $500 and become an overnight success? I don’t think that will work. What do you see happening after the fan has seen the video? Is your hope that the average viewer will remember your video enough from the dozens they’ve seen that day to ever act on it again? Are you going to make any attempt to ease the tranisition of someone who simply enjoyed your video to a real fan who is going to actually play an active roll in suportng you an artist?

  • Also, Ok go have not only a huge publicity machine in the form of their label, Sony, behind them, but an established angle for bloggers and media to pick up on and run with. This reminds me of what publicity and public relations is all about, because I studied it in school. The idea of PR is to do half the journalists work for them so all the have to do is pick and choose the way they want to present the story provided by PR and hey presto, the newshole is filled, and the media’s job is done. When you’re pushing a viral promotion are you doing the smart PR thats going to make your story runnable or are you still just crossing your fingers?

So – as you see ok go mentioned again and again in a series of endless prompts to get you to check out their latest viral music video marketing campaign – thikn about whether you’ve got the innovation and effort behind your video to really breakthrough aswell as an an expertl crafted youtube promotions campaign with which to promote it.


Youtube Video Promotions Services and Marketing Packages

by Youtube Promotion on March 13, 2010

Hi Matt here from Kurb on the Music, Marketing and Management blog and we’ve been getting a lot of traction for youtube video promotions – both marketing videos on youtube for more views and exposure, and the production and editing of your youtube video at a really competitive price – we can put a video together for you starting from $97! Check out our site cheap video production for great budget video services and deals.

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How about this solid package, bound to bounce your youtube profile right up:

– 10 hours viral promotion – seo optimization, profile review, social media, backlinking, press release

– 50,000 guaranteed views

– 10,000 co-ordinated views in one day to ensure you reach “most viewed”

Total Cost: $695 – what a deal!

We can not only guarantee set amounts of views but we can also offer our co-ordinated service, which means with all our staff focused on promoting your video at the same time your chances of getting “most viewed” skyrockets for the day, and of course once you hit the “most viewed” charts, you have the chance of going “full blown” viral as more and more random viewers are pulled in from the most viewed charts.

If you’re just starting out on youtube and only have a few hundred views on your video, you’re actually not doing too bad for fully organic promotion, and patience will be a great ally. What you’re doing is building a cumulative asset because if the vibe of your youtube is somewhat professional and the videos are of an appropriate standard, you just need to build up a bit of gravity, momentum.

What I would suggest is if your videos are good, and your profile is presentable with lots of text that improves your general relevance in searches both within and outside of youtube, you’ve done enough work actually on youtube, unless you want to start pulling out the tricks I use – that is building up views, employing internet marketing strategies to pull in traffic and concentrating promotions in order to get to the “most viewed”, as well as networking more, your best way forward is to have a blog on and (if you can’t afford to set up your own site) and get more text based promotions. Write regular posts zeroing in on your keywords ie “original piano composition videos” – stuff thats going to lead your people from big search engines like google straight to you and embed your video in the page this will help you get hits.

Remember, google owns youtube so very similar algorythyms will be used to throw up your website on searches as will decide whether your video is listed as one of the “relevant videos” and this is also another way to bring in lots of traffic on the youtube site.

Getting links back to your youtube videos would also help the cumulative momentum, but honestly long term, a better strategy is to get links back to your home site and have that authority flow through your site.

I would suggest you consider something such as “” for your site, it’ll help you get that traffic and google authority going, you can do later after you’ve got a million hits 🙂

again patience, work on your videos, work on searhcable text, and you’re not doing too badly at this stage.

Well by tricks and marketing tactics I mean the stuff I charge for to boost your youtube.

By getting hits of 10k plus on one or more of your videos, it’s going to instantly look to visitors as if your established and this has a suprising effect on how new vistors will perceive you and your popularity.

Thats why these things tend to have a cumulative momentum.

A lot of the stuff we do to improve your account has already been done, we just speed up the viral process, especially in the areas I described related to off youtube marketing – using seo and social media and even advertising deals to bring in more visitors.

I guess speeding up the whole process is what you’re trying to achieve to get to the critical point where youtube actually delivers real life career opportunities, otherwise, well there’s 2011 to look forward to!


Eseential Online Video Promotions and Youtube Marketing Services

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Email: to increase views on youtube through youtube video promotion for your online music video or small business marketing video presentation.

Need Youtube marketing services?

We provide youtube promotions for bands, businesses and brands to get exposure on youtbe with increased views, optimized videos and viral videos and teasers.

As well as creating extra video and offering production services to increase your presence on youtube we also optimize your channel, use special tricks to get your video coming in more searches and relevant links, asweel as sending 1000’s of visitors from social sites and forums / community sites where we have connections.


These deals ALL include a free budget video presentation / teaser

For 20k views it’s $200 upfront and another $100 on completion.

For 50k views it’s $300 upfront and another $200 on completion.

For 100k views it’s $500 upfront and another $300 on completion.


Youtube Marketing and Online Video:

YouTube is the largest video destination site on earth. Learn video marketing tips and techniques for marketing YouTube videos and YouTube channels. We do our best to keep up with the latest news, trends, strategies and tactics for YouTube marketing and we like share our insight with ReelSEO readers. Our goal is to share best practices for marketing via YouTube and to learn a little while doing it.

Why is online video marketing crucial in today’s marketplace?

There are more videos watched a month, than there are searches conducted on all of the search engines. Today, everyone has got it sort of figured out that in terms of SEM or SEO, they’ve got to do it. What they totally miss is while that’s huge, and essential… video is even bigger.

I’m tryig to make it as step-by-step, and as practical as possible. I think what SES prides itself on is that it provides people with actionable insights. You can sit through a session, and at the end of it, you should be able to go back to your office and do this stuff yourself. However in addition to that, you’re going to have to do more. That’s because particularly with YouTube, there’s a lot of popular myths out there as to what it is and how it works; and I’ve got to dispel some of those myths. I compare the challenge that I’m facing as the one that Columbus faced: Training his crew to sail West wasn’t the hard part. Explaining to Queen Izabella and King Ferdinand why sailing West wasn’t going to have him fall off the edge of the world – that was the hard part. So I’ve got to sort of mix the two. I’ve got to mix a little bit of why along with an awful lot of how.

What do you typically hear from people about YouTube video optimization? Are there certain assumptions that are still being made that you need to correct them on?

I think people almost seem to have missed the memo that YouTube at Google Video’s lunch, which is why Google ended up paying $1.6 billion to acquire YouTube. So they’re still thinking that video optimization is all about optimizing the video that you put on your website. And it comes as sort of a stunning surprise that, excuse me – YouTube doesn’t crawl websites! If you put your video on your website, you’re putting it there to be found by Google Video [not YouTube]. According to comScore, with the latest table that was just out [in October 2009], there are 99 times more videos viewed on YouTube, than there are viewed in Google Video. So if you’ve optimized your video just for your website, you’re optimizing for the round-off area – that’s not where the market is! You’ve got to upload your video to YouTube if you’re going to have a shot of getting some of the monster views that a whole lot of videos are getting these days.

How do you deal with those companies that dismiss YouTube as just consumer entertainment, rather than meriting a serious business strategy? They may be thinking, “we don’t want our professional videos being shown next to a monkey on a surfboard,” or something else that might make their own brand look questionable.

 The #1 channel on YouTube is from Universal Music Group. Music videos are very popular, and none of those videos are amateur work; they’re all professionally produced. The #2 channel on YouTube is Expert Village; and that’s a “how-to” video site. So, there are a whole lot of very successful people in the YouTube space who aren’t amateurs, and who aren’t just doing funny videos. Now if you last looked at YouTube video just 3 years ago [back in 2006], then yeah, it was mostly amateur. But you need to take a look at YouTube again; its’ getting a billion views a day! That’s too big to ignore; and when you look at the content, its just too diverse to pidgeonhole.

Thos marketing on youtube with youtube promotions need to know certain things. They’re going to be able to optimize their own videos. When they upload a video, they’re going to know all of the right steps. But more importantly, they’re going to come away with the second thing: They’re going to have a lot of colleagues in their organization who are going to have questions like, why are you doing this? What’s the big deal? And we’re going to try and provide them with answers to those questions, too. So as I mentioned earlier: A whole lot of “how,” a little bit of “why,” and at the end of the hour, hopefully people will benefit from both.