Youtube Promotions: Video Promotion Packages and Services 2010

by Youtube Promotion on March 13, 2010

Hi Matt from Kurb here talking about our most recent plans for youtube video promotion and youtube video productions which we can also include at super cheap prices!

Just email, me Matt: for guaranteed views and strategies to get you into the most viewed category on youtube!

Well we use 3 different strategies right now and if you want the best result I would use all 3.

Let me just breakdown what those are:

Content marketing: Using optimization of your youtube channel as well as backlinking, press releases, social media platforms, to feed out content and links that will draw users in. This brings in high quality traffic and will continue to over time but there’s no guarantee on how much traffic will come through, except that it is most likely to be your highest quality traffic who will share, promote and comment on your video.

We charge $200 for this.

High Traffic: Using high quantities of optimized advertising we send high numbers of unqualified traffic to the video – this way we can guarantee hits of 200k and beyond. This works also because when your video has high hit count more to tend to want to watch it to see what they’re missing – this works time and time again, but it’s not as effective for high quality traffic, you’re not likely to get many sales or highly engaged fans from this.

prices are as follows:

20k hits: $200

50k hits: $350

100k hits: $500

Finally there’s the concentrated technique, this is when we prepare to have our whole staff co-ordinate promotions to all happen at the same time, we can guarantee 5k hits but it’s the fact that these hits are all timed to happen within a short space so that the video moves up the “most viewed” list where it can easily pick up more viral traction. Although it costs $30 for each 1,000 hits within a few hours, the more hits you get in that shorter time the better chance you have of hitting higher up the “most viewed”

So I would definitely suggest at least 5k hits within hours to make sure you hit most viewed which would cost $150.

So a strong all over campaign would be:

content / social media marketing: $200

guaranteed 100k hits: $500

co-ordinated hits for “most viewed”, at least 5k: $150

Each strategy has it’s strengths and weaknesses which I’m happy to answer more questions on but with an overall strategy employing all 3 you give yourself the best all over chance to have your video do well initially and then breakthrough to larger viral traction

You can run a more “general” campaign but you’ve got a whole new set of rules.

With youtube it’s easy to guarantee the views because our staff have their techniques for generating large amounts of low quality traffic specifically on youtube.

Would it be possible to try and encourage visitors already on youtube to go to the site? It could be a stretch.

Otherwise, you might look at what other online marketing tools we can make available.

I work with a lot of bands and I always say to them, youtube hits don’t mean a lot, they don’t sell albums, to get more motivated traffic we use other strategies – ad campaigns, press releases, backlink building, blogs, social media.

But if you want to use the same online marketing strategies I use off youtube, I can make a number of suggestions, the pricing is similar to our youtube packages but of course dealing with this kind of traffic 5-10k hits is more realistic, but anything is possible.

It’s like any marketing campaign, give people a strong enough idea to hook them in and we should be able to get at least 10k completely bona fide hits.

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