Strategies and Costs For Youtube Video Promotions Services

by Youtube Promotion on March 30, 2010

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1. What is link building and what processes do you have to do to increase SEO.

Other than basic onsite optimization (we’ll want a lengthy and keyword laden block of text on your actual youtube site) Linkbuilding is really the building blocks of SEO. The more keyword relevant links you have pointing toward a specific page on the internet and the quality of the sites that Google considers to have authority the higher it is ranked by google.

Of course because youtube is owned by Google it is subject to a very similar algorythym when doing their internal ranking for search and “relevent videos”.

For your case I’d use another combination of linkbuilding techniques over the 12 hours we apply:

– a blog “blast” that posts 300+ blog posts linking back / embedding the post – this is a good way to get rank fast, but google usually catches on quickly and brings the rank down again after this initial shot in the arm.

– article marketing, this is my main regular technique, creating high quality articles and posting them to article directories, approximately 3-4 articles with 200 cumulative postings on article directories which are highly authoritative. When you put some effort into the content, this can be effective not just for seo but also click through traffic.

– strategic blog commenting – because of certain google algorythyms, “no follow” links from authoritive sites are most effective, I have a technique of quickly identitifying blogs that offer both “no follow” and would be considered authoritive (anything with high keyword relevance – “electro” “house” “dj” “dance”

2. How do the low quality traffic buys work? And can anyone tell that the traffic comes from Asia.

Basically we purchase a traffic package from asia ensuring the link is set to keep displaying on the sites until it collects the a set number of click throughs, only you can tell where the traffic comes from through your youtube insights.

The one issue is that you get hits building fast by not the relevant amount of comments, favourites etc. which can appear incongruous, but I can have my staff take care of this for a small fee, say $25-50.

As I mentioned the only issue is whether we can get that amount of click throughs with 2 weeks – it could take up to 4 to complete this.

3. What kind of thing do you do to get high quality traffic.

This is a combination of adwords and other ad platforms working on getting highly optimized (ie cheapest cost) clickthroughs which should be successful given the content. Also at the same time it’s about synchronizing this activity so that hits can be added quickly in such a way that you can target the “most viewed” charts. This is not guaranteed to reach most viewed charts, but if it does, and your video does have a good chance, then you’ll really see a viral uptake.

What I usually do for a job such as this I would ask for $500 upfront and $250 once each of our targets had been attained. Other than written materials we can work with for article marketing (artist bio stuff, any press release material you may have), that’s the only thing we need, though I may confer with you about how we can get the best out of the written material we’re working with.

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