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by Youtube Promotion on December 5, 2009

Email: to increase views on youtube through youtube video promotion for your online music video or small business marketing video presentation.

Need Youtube marketing services?

We provide youtube promotions for bands, businesses and brands to get exposure on youtbe with increased views, optimized videos and viral videos and teasers.

As well as creating extra video and offering production services to increase your presence on youtube we also optimize your channel, use special tricks to get your video coming in more searches and relevant links, asweel as sending 1000’s of visitors from social sites and forums / community sites where we have connections.


These deals ALL include a free budget video presentation / teaser

For 20k views it’s $200 upfront and another $100 on completion.

For 50k views it’s $300 upfront and another $200 on completion.

For 100k views it’s $500 upfront and another $300 on completion.


Youtube Marketing and Online Video:

YouTube is the largest video destination site on earth. Learn video marketing tips and techniques for marketing YouTube videos and YouTube channels. We do our best to keep up with the latest news, trends, strategies and tactics for YouTube marketing and we like share our insight with ReelSEO readers. Our goal is to share best practices for marketing via YouTube and to learn a little while doing it.

Why is online video marketing crucial in today’s marketplace?

There are more videos watched a month, than there are searches conducted on all of the search engines. Today, everyone has got it sort of figured out that in terms of SEM or SEO, they’ve got to do it. What they totally miss is while that’s huge, and essential… video is even bigger.

I’m tryig to make it as step-by-step, and as practical as possible. I think what SES prides itself on is that it provides people with actionable insights. You can sit through a session, and at the end of it, you should be able to go back to your office and do this stuff yourself. However in addition to that, you’re going to have to do more. That’s because particularly with YouTube, there’s a lot of popular myths out there as to what it is and how it works; and I’ve got to dispel some of those myths. I compare the challenge that I’m facing as the one that Columbus faced: Training his crew to sail West wasn’t the hard part. Explaining to Queen Izabella and King Ferdinand why sailing West wasn’t going to have him fall off the edge of the world – that was the hard part. So I’ve got to sort of mix the two. I’ve got to mix a little bit of why along with an awful lot of how.

What do you typically hear from people about YouTube video optimization? Are there certain assumptions that are still being made that you need to correct them on?

I think people almost seem to have missed the memo that YouTube at Google Video’s lunch, which is why Google ended up paying $1.6 billion to acquire YouTube. So they’re still thinking that video optimization is all about optimizing the video that you put on your website. And it comes as sort of a stunning surprise that, excuse me – YouTube doesn’t crawl websites! If you put your video on your website, you’re putting it there to be found by Google Video [not YouTube]. According to comScore, with the latest table that was just out [in October 2009], there are 99 times more videos viewed on YouTube, than there are viewed in Google Video. So if you’ve optimized your video just for your website, you’re optimizing for the round-off area – that’s not where the market is! You’ve got to upload your video to YouTube if you’re going to have a shot of getting some of the monster views that a whole lot of videos are getting these days.

How do you deal with those companies that dismiss YouTube as just consumer entertainment, rather than meriting a serious business strategy? They may be thinking, “we don’t want our professional videos being shown next to a monkey on a surfboard,” or something else that might make their own brand look questionable.

 The #1 channel on YouTube is from Universal Music Group. Music videos are very popular, and none of those videos are amateur work; they’re all professionally produced. The #2 channel on YouTube is Expert Village; and that’s a “how-to” video site. So, there are a whole lot of very successful people in the YouTube space who aren’t amateurs, and who aren’t just doing funny videos. Now if you last looked at YouTube video just 3 years ago [back in 2006], then yeah, it was mostly amateur. But you need to take a look at YouTube again; its’ getting a billion views a day! That’s too big to ignore; and when you look at the content, its just too diverse to pidgeonhole.

Thos marketing on youtube with youtube promotions need to know certain things. They’re going to be able to optimize their own videos. When they upload a video, they’re going to know all of the right steps. But more importantly, they’re going to come away with the second thing: They’re going to have a lot of colleagues in their organization who are going to have questions like, why are you doing this? What’s the big deal? And we’re going to try and provide them with answers to those questions, too. So as I mentioned earlier: A whole lot of “how,” a little bit of “why,” and at the end of the hour, hopefully people will benefit from both.

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